APIS User Conference

Web-based User Conference 2020

Hello and Welcome, dear APIS users, to this year's web-based User Conference 2020.

The past months have been a great challenge for all of us in our private and professional lives. We have had to make adjustments and sacrifices in many areas that we hope is just short term.

For more than 20 years, APIS has hosted the User Conference in various locations across Germany dispensing dozens of fascinating and insightful presentations to large audiences. People have got together to enjoy each others company and exchange their experience in the field of FMEA, the IQ-Software and naturally anything else.

This year, though, is different and we must adapt to the situation. Although we cannot gather in large numbers, we can still help to disperse knowledge and know-how to those who desire it via the internet. As such, this year's User Conference will be a set of presentations, pre-recorded with subtitles, and available to anyone who wants to watch for free.

Here is a list of the speakers and their respective lectures:

  • Dipl.-Ing W.-R. Landschoof: Risk evaluation in Comparison - RPN, Action Priority Table, Risk Cube, Dual Matrix
  • Holger Grube & Hannes Fuchs: Small things, big effect - efficiency-enhancing IQ specialities
  • Chad Johnson: Application of Monitoring & System Response (MSR)
  • Phil North: When a Structure is not a structure
  • Dr. Berthold Eilebrecht: EiPLAN integrates IQ-RM into the inspection planning with SAP ERP
  • Dr. Alexander Schloske: Evaluation tables and AP
  • Alexander Weiß: Tips & Tricks
  • Chad Johnson: The Assistant and Assistant Rules
  • Andreas Dietz: The CARM Server... A smart solution to manage standardized information
  • Heiko Dold: Symbolic responsibles in FMEA templates, structures and modules

Simply register, while agreeing to our terms and conditions, and you will be able to view a number of presentations for one week only during September.

If you have any questions regarding the presentations, you will have the opportunity to post your query in the APIS forum (you will need to register there separately). The posts will not be published immediately, instead they will all be collected, answered and then released.

Availability of the presentations:
28.9.2020 09.00 CEST – 04.10.2020 24.00 CEST

Publishing of posts along with their answers:
12.10.2020 9.00 CEST

We hope you enjoy this year's web-based User Conference and look forward to a time when we can all gather again as we have for so many years.